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~ mind ~ thoughts ~ intentions ~

transform your life. set healed intentions. practice impeccability.

The Path of Power is a customized, yet structured journey around the Path of Power Map. It is suited for those who benefit by riding the solar current, the landscape of their minds, thoughts and intentions in a more effective and efficient way. These individuals often already have a vey busy mind and spend a significant amount of energy on navigating thoughts without really affecting change, or they utilize the mind in a forceful manner to the detriment of their bodies or soul.


Much energy can be saved and reallocated by learning to orient toward timeless and eternal intentions of their soul, as well as opening the mind landscape to knowledge and information that is relevant to self healing, self transformation and growth. In this way, the thought space orients around intentions rather than (random, other, our) thoughts, and finds its proper role, thereby increasing the energy available for what truly matters for the soul in life.

The Path of Power is an individually tailored, structured, in-person 6-month journey. It includes detailed teaching segments about the Path of Power Map as an anchor for the mind, timeless intentions to start with until you develop your own, recommended readings, daily practices, coaching and journaling.


The central questions for this Journey include:

1. What recurring thoughts do I have?

2. What does my self talk look like on a daily basis?

3. What desires live behind my goals?

4. What assumptions do I have (about life, achievements, goals or anything in general)?

5. Do my intentions serve myself as much as they serve others?

6. How can I align my actions with my intentions in healthy ways?

The essential components of this Journey include:

POP Map Teaching Segments

Individual Intention Setting

Daily Practices & Coaching

Recommended Readings

Reflections & Journaling


The intention for the Journeyer is:

Aligning thoughts and actions with intentions.

Giving the mind its healthy role in the soul.

Enhanced life efficacy and experience.

Increased energy and resilience.

Additional Gifts offered to POP Journeyers:

Detailed Path of Power Map

List of Recommended Books and Movies

Soul Space Practice

Chakra Journey

What to do after the Path of Power Journey:

Stay with your intentions, practice impeccability, keep reflecting and learning daily.

Post-Journey Suggestions:

Attend Soul Circles, as desired or needed

Begin the Luminous Warrior Training

Receive your Light Code Activation

Consider Soul Space Deepening

Learn Shamanic Journeying Online

6 months

60-minute sessions

weekly meetings

Ancestor Fire in Yachtas 2011.JPG

A  Personal Story

"Every moment is fresh. It's never been here before. Are you present ? Are you able to see it, feel it, sense it, hear it? Something important might be coming to you today."


 The Path of Power Map was downloaded on the beach of Yachtas, Oregon in the year 2010 directly from the Sun. We had our Fire Ceremony at the International Gathering of Shaman in the Fall the night before. During the Ceremony, a huge Meteor flashed across the sky and all of us, deeply in ceremony, looked up, trying to figure out what lit up the Sky. Simultaneously, we gasped in awe as a flash of bright green color moved quickly across the sky and lit everything up as bright as day for 2-3 seconds that night.

The next morning, I wanted to go to the place where we had seen the meteor and where our ceremony had taken place. I was still processing, trying to come into the present time, simply standing there, looking at the waves, feeling the sand under my feet, smelling the air, sensing, hearing, feeling. Then I looked up to the Sun with my eyes closed to allow some of the rays to warm my face and fill me with energy for the day.


There it came! All of a sudden, I received this image, and then words with it. I did not bring a journal or anything with me to the beech that morning, so I was scrambling trying to keep up with the speed of the information and what was being beamed to me. Quickly, I took my fingers, kneeled on all fours, and drew it all into the sand with my bare hands. 

POP Map.jpeg

When the download was complete, I rushed back to my room to grab my journal and a pen so I could record it and reflect about it later on. I was hoping the tides would not wash away what I had written in the sand. I was fortunate to have made it in time.

Over the years, I spent time daily unpacking the wisdom of the symbol and the words given to me back in 2010. There are so many layers to this treasure. In just 2-3 minutes, a lifetime worth of wisdom and work.


In short, the POP Map is a timeless Medicine Wheel for human kind. It is a powerful way to transform our lives and place the mind into the proper position of our soul. By allowing the mind to focus on timeless and eternal intentions while resting in our soul space, it frees up significant amounts of our energy to bring into life what our soul is actually here to do, and it allows us to simply let go of the rest.  

These many years on, I still look at the Map each day. Each time I do, it still evokes a sense of awe and deep wisdom in me. It is a sacred honor to share it with you now in the way that I have received it. For those who want to go deeper on the Journey, let's unpack the wisdom for you as well."

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